About us

An exciting view, a rich breakfast buffet every morning and a family and holiday atmosphere. It is really the case to say it: welcome to the South, welcome to Castellabate.

The Hotel Madonna Della Scala is one of those places that you choose for the true and genuine environment that the owners transmit daily to guests through their hospitality but above all through their products. The De Bartolomeo family, in fact, a few kilometers from the hotel has its own farm which provides the structure with the best of Cilento products. But it doesn't end there.

Annarita, wife of Costabile brought dowry the experience of three generations of fishermen raising the Hotel Madonna Della Scala to a real sanctuary for those who prefer fish dishes, always fresh, from the boat to the table.

The Hotel Madonna Della Scala is located 1 km from the historic center of Santa Maria di Castellabate, the flagship of this village, and enjoys a wonderful view of the Gulf of Salerno. From the rooms, when the sky is clear, you can also see the island of Capri and Ischia so vast is the view.

In just 10 minutes by car it is possible to be on the clear beaches of the coast. Here the sea is crystal clear and is largely protected by the marine protected area of ??Santa Maria di Castellabate as well as being awarded several prizes.

For Castellabate the sea has always been a precious resource, in the past the main economic activity of the territory was fishing, now tourism.

That of Castellabate is a pristine sea that stands out for the quality of its bathing waters, awarded annually with the Blue Fee Flag and the 4 Legambiente Sails in the Blue Guide.

With its sea caves and interesting seabeds all along the coast, the waters of Castellabate therefore lend themselves to being the ideal destinations for diving excursions and for snorkeling. For the more experienced and demanding divers we point out the dives near the wrecks of the Second World War: the motorship Alfieri off the coast of Punta Tresino (-54 meters of altitude) and the Cargo KT off the coast of Punta Licosa (- 74 meters).